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GK Questions

General Knowledge Miscellaneous Questions

60. The Judges of Supreme Court Retires at the age of :
(A) 60 Years      (B) 65 Years    (C) 62 Years        (D) 63 Years
59. The artificial ecosystem is represented by :
(A) Aquarium    (B) Zoo     (C) Agricultural Land     (D) Pesciculture Tank
58. The time period of a pendulum when taken to the Moon would :
(A) Decrease    (B) Remain the Same     (C) Increase      (D) Become Zero
57. Inflation redistributes income and wealth in favour of : 
(A) Middle Class      (B) Rich      (C) Poor       (D) Pensioners
56. ISO 9000 is :
(A) Risk Management (B) Quality Management (C) Country Codes (D) Currency Codes
55. Buddha delivered his first sermon at :
(A) Kushinagar   (B) Sanchi  (C) Sarnath  (D) Bodh Gaya
54. Rust Stain removal is done by :
(A) Petrol   (B) Oxalic Acid  (C) Ether  (D) Petrol
53. The World Red Cross Day is observed on :
(A) 1st May   (B) 8th March   (C) 8th May  (D) 12th May
52. Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of :
(A) Proton   (B) Electron  (C) Neutron  (D) None of these
51. The largest Cell in human body : 
(A) Nerve Cell    (B) Liver Cell   (C) Muscle Cell  (D) Kidney Cell
50. Jamini Roy distinguished himself in : 
(A) Dancing   (B) Painting    (C) Color Photography  (D) Instrumental Music
49. Shimla Pact between India and Pakistan was Signed in:
(A) 1965        (B) 1971       (C) 1949        (D) 1972
48. Who was the P.M. of U.K. at the time of India's Independence ?
(A) Winston Churchill    (B) Clement Attlee  (C) Lord Mountbatten   (D) Ramsay Mac Donald
47. Won is the currency of :
(A) North Korea     (B) South Korea    (C) North Korea and South Korea  (D) None of the above
46. The famous Pakistan resolution passed at :
(A) Lahore            (B) Delhi                 (C) Lucknow           (D) Bombay
45. When was U.N.O. founded ?
(A) 26th June, 1945 (B) 20th October, 1945 (C) 24th October, 1945 (D) 11th November, 1944
44. The founder of the Scout Movement was :
(A) Sir Thomas Munro (B) Jim Corbelt  (C) Lord Baden Powell  (D) Lewis Carol
43. The filament of an electric bulb is made of :
(A) Iron   (B Tungsten  (C) Graphite  (D) Nichrome
42. The Headquarters of the International Atomic Energy is located in :
(A) Washington    (B) Paris    (C) New York   (D) Vienna
41. Devaluation of Currency basically helps to promote :
(A) National Income  (B) Savings  (C) Imports at Lower Costs  (D) Exports
40. Who abolished Iqta System ?
(A) Babur               (B) Iltutmish              (C) Alauddin Khilji      (D) Muhammad Gori
39. Who introduced The Iqta System ?
(A) Muhammad Gori     (B) Qutubuddin Aibak    (C) Iltutmish    (D) Ghiyasuddin Balban
38.The System of Judicial Review exists in :
(A) India Only       (B) U. K. Only          (C) U.S.A. Only          (D) India and U.S.A.
37. Which is not a Central Service ?
(A) Indian Police Services (B) Indian Foreign Services (C) Indian Audit and Accounts Service (D) Indian Revenue Services
36. The Method of Constitutional Amendment is Provided in :
(A) Article 348     (B) Article 358     (C) Article 368       (D) Article 378
35. Trachoma is a disease of :
(A) Eye                  (B) Throat                    (C) Lungs                     (D) Liver
34. The one who benefited by inflation :
(A) Creditor          (B) Debtor                   (C) Government         (D) Corporation
33. ‘Newton’s disc’ when rotated at a great speed appears :
(A) White             (B) Black                       (C) Green                     (D) Shows Seven Colours
32. The Headquarter of U. N.O. is located in :
(A) Chicago          (B) Philadelphia          (C) Washington           (D) New York
31. Shambhu Maharaj excelled in :
(A) Film Music     (B) Kathak Dance      (C) Classical Music      (D) Instrumental Music
30. The tissue in man where no cell division occurs after birth is :
(A) Skelton                  (B) Germinal                  (C) Nerves                      (D) Connective
29. Shivasamudram Falls is found in the course of river :
(A) Cauvery              (B) Godavari                            (C) Mahanadi              (D) Krishna
28. The dried flower buds are used as a spice in :
(A) Cinnamon         (B) Cloves        (C) Saffron         (D)Cardamom
27. Which of the following books is authored by V.S. Naipalu ?
(A) The Rediscovery of India (B) A House for Mr. Biswas (C) Witness the Night (D)Tender Hooks
26. 2018 FIFA World Cup would be held in :
(A) Russia        (B) Qatar              (C) France         (D) Brazil
25. Who is recently appointed as Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) ?
(A) K M Gupta          (B) T C Anant           (C) K. V. Chowdary           (D) Arvind Rajan
24. Who is Chief Economic Advisor to Governement of India at present ?
(A)Jagdish Bhagwati    (B) Arvind Subramanian    (C) Dr. C Rangrajan    (D) Arvind Pangaria
23. Who is present Chief Election Commissionar of India
(A) V S Sampath     (B) Anupam Srivastava     (C) Hari Shankar Bhrama     (D)  Dr. Nasim Zaidi
22. Who is recentaly appointed as ISRO Chairman 
(A) TCA Anant           (B) A S Kiran Kumar           (C) K Radhakrishnan           (D) A K Mittal
21. Who is recentaly appointed as Central Information Commission (CIC)
(A) Pankaj K P Shreyaskar         (B) Vijai Sharma         (C) Deepak Sandhu         (D) K Bhaskar
20. Hormones are normally absent in :
(A) Cat                                       (B) Monkey                       (C) Bacteria                  (D) Rat
19. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies is located at :
(A) Bhopal                                (B) Chandigarh                (C) Shimla                   (D) Bangalore
18. Chittor is associated with :
(A) Tyntya                                 (B) Nana Pharanvis      (C) Rana Pratap          (D) Shivaji
17. Obra is famous for :
(A) Thermal Power Station   (B) New Refinery        (C) Birds Sanctuary    (D) New Aluminium Plant
16. If the lens in eye becomes opaque, the disease is called :
(A) Myopia                                (B) Cataract                   (C) Glaucoma             (D) Astigmatism
15. Which one of the following Commissions is not provided in the Constitution of India?
(A) Finance Commission        (B) Planning Commission         (C) Election Commission      (D) UPSC
14. Which colour of light shows maximum deviation when passed through a prism?
(A) White                            (B) Green                    (C) Red                                     (D) Violet
13. The Constituent Assembly of India started functioning from:
(A) 9th Dec, 1946           (B) 01st Jan, 1947      (C) 26th Jan, 1947                   (D) 15 Aug, 1947
12. Isohaline is an imaginary line joining the places having equal:
(A) Radiation                  (B) Isolation               (C) Sunshine                            (D) Salinity
11. Who was the author of Gita Govind ?
(A) Jayadeva                   (B) Kalhana                (C) Raja Rao                             (D) Kaldasa
10. The curcumin is isolated from :
(A) Garlic                        (B) Turmeric              (C) Sunflower                           (D) Rose flower
9. Light scattering takes place in :
(A) Colloidal solutions   (B) Acidic solutions  (C) Electrolyte solutions           (D) Basic solutions
8. Which is the only country whose postage stamps do not bear its name ?
(A) U.S.A.                       (B) U.K.                     (C) Japan                                    (D) Pakistan
7. The sugar present in DNA is :
(A) Hexose                      (B) Heptulose             (C) Pentose                                (D) Xylulose
6. Conversion of sound energy into electrical energy is done by :
(A) Microphone              (B) Loudspeaker         (C) Solar cell                             (D) Gramophone

1. The Rajya Sabha has equal powers with the Lok Sabha in the matter of :
a) Removal of the Government
b) Making Cut Motions
c) Amending the Constitution
d) None of the Above

2. The instrument for measuring the altitude of celetial bodies is called :
a) Sextant
b) Spherometer
c) Spectrometer
d) Altimeter

3. Rajghat Dam is situated on river :
a) Narmada
b) Betwa
c) Chambal
d) Sutlej

4. Which important event immediately preceded the Jallianwala Bagh massacre ?
a) Arrival of Simon Commission
b) Rowlatt Act Enactment
c) Non Co-operation Movement
d) None of the above

5. The department of Archaeology was started in India by :
a) Minto
b) William Hastings
c) Curzon
d) William Bentick