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How to Prepare For SSC CGL Exams

SSC CGL Tier-1 2014 exam is not far away now. If you really want to score good marks in this exam, you must follow a proper plan for that. As you all know, SSC CGL Tier-1 Paper contains 200 Questions each of one mark. Mathematics Section has 50 Questions in CGL TIER I Exam. Mathematics is not too difficult. It requires the concept clarity and practice. In SSC-CGL exam, Mathematics is the part of both Tier I and Tier II. So you can’t clear the exam by ignoring mathematics. So if you want to qualify this exam then you need to fully read this article and then do as is described Below:-
  • Try to learn short cut of each topic, otherwise you will not able to solve all question during your examination quickly. Shortcuts are available here. Always note down the short cuts so you will not forget them.
  • Learn all the basic formulas, learn conceptual clarity and try to solve maximum questions of each topic.
  • Please give at least one to two hours daily to mathematics.
  • Make a time table of your study and follow it regularly.
  • Start your study practice at least 3 months before the ssc cgl exam.
  • Purchase good books from Here for preparation of each section of exam.
  • Download SSC CGL Syllabus 2015 from Here.
  • Divide the syllabus according to time table or Check Here. Don't forget to put the regular revision time in between.
  • Before 3 days of the exam, revise as much as you can and Check Here.
  • Maintain your health the best in exam days.
  • Read as many books as you can and solve as many previous years papers as you can.
  • Practice all the sections fully. Don't leave any section thinking it easy. Click Here for Practice Papers.
  • Daily solve a previous year paper or a model test paper and try to do all 200 questions correctly within 2 hrs.
  • Generate or find or learn new shortcuts methods of solving numerical problem and memorize them.
  • Make a time management of your question paper. Decide how much time you are going to give to each question and each section.
  • Check Daily Updates of SSC CGL Exam Here.

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